Prenatal/OB Team
Prenatal/OB Team

Our midwifery team offers care is tailored to the needs of your growing family and is designed to support you through the changes you will experience throughout your pregnancy. We have been committed to healthy children and families since our doors opened.

Prenatal Team

Promise Community Health Center's prenatal/OB team consists of two certified nurse midwives, Belinda Lassen and Pam Hulstein; registered nurses; and a medical assistant/interpreter. The midwifery team offers personal care tailored to you and your family throughout your pregnancy and after the birth of your child. Our midwives are experienced experts in pregnancy and childbirth.

Belinda Lassen, CNM     Pam Hulstein, CNM
 Belinda Lassen, CNM         Pam Hulstein, CNM

Home-Birth Alternative

As part of the midwives' care for you, a home-birth alternative is offered. Our certified nurse midwives and staff will help you prepare for the home birth, provide care during labor and birth, and follow-up with you and your newborn. Healthy women with low-risk, uncomplicated pregnancies qualify for a home birth.

Our midwives offer home-birth services in a 75-mile radius of Sioux Center in Iowa and South Dakota. All prenatal care is given at Promise, with one prenatal home visit.

If you have any additional questions about the home-birth alternative, please contact prenatal team nurse Erica Robertson at or call 712-722-1700 Ext. 530.

Most insurance companies will provide coverage for home births. For billing questions, contact Promise's billing department by calling 712-722-1700.


Maternal and Newborn Home Visits

A unique model of care we provide is through home visits offered to all patients (mother and their newborns) after delivery. The visits are conducted by a nurse in the family's home 24-72 hours after delivery and include support with breastfeeding, care of newborn, and health of mother.


Billings Ovulation Method®

Do you desire alternatives to hormonal or surgical birth control to achieve or prevent pregnancy? As an additional service, Promise offers the Billings Ovulation Method of natural family planning.

Kari Ney, a registered nurse for Promise, is trained as an instructor in the Billings Ovulation Method and has implemented the program at the health center.

Kari Ney, RN

Billings is a scientific method of fertility management that has been used successfully by millions of women around the world to help them become pregnant, postpone pregnancy or to have a better knowledge of their own fertility.

If you are interested in the service, contact Kari at or 712-722-1700.

To learn more this service at Promise, read this story and visit the Billings website at


Wonderfully Made! Blog

Promise's midwifery team offers tips and advice on various topics that have to do with pregnancy, birth, babies and moms in its Wonderfully Made blog. Visit the blog at


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