Office Manager

Job Summary: The office manager is responsible in conjunction with the Dental Director for oversight of the Dental program including but not limited to ensuring comprehensive oral health services to Promise’s target population; oversight of the dental schedule (hygienist and dentist(s), efficient work flow in the dental department, and adherence and review of dental program policies.


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Supervises the dental scheduler, lead dental assistant, and dental hygienist and ensures job responsibilities are being met.  Completes annual performance evaluations in accordance with Promise policies. 
  • Assist Leadership with dental program policies related to administrative, clinical and fiscal, to ensure compliance with program and federal grant requirements.
  • Prepare monthly analysis of dental department, related to production and financial information.
  • Oversee dental schedule to ensure confirmation of dental appointments and that no-show and cancellation appointments are refilled to ensure maximum utilization of chair time.  Assist with appointment confirmation calls, as needed.
  • Assist dental scheduler as needed in scheduling dental patients according to guidelines established by Dental Director and in keeping with board approved dental program policies.
  • Oversees and assist dental scheduler, when needed, with the registration process for dental patients in the electronic data base/patient registry by obtaining patient demographics and patient history.
  • Maintains dental program patient data, including; patient recall system, patient waiting list and other relevant oral health performance indicators.
  • Completes prior authorization for Insurance coverage for patients prior to scheduled visits. Coordinates the calls to patients and to 3rd party payers to assure prior authorization of dental services.
  • Monitor and work with dental team to minimize no-show visits and assist in patient education about no show policy.
  • Monitor patient charges and claims entered into the database, work with billing department to ensure claims are filed timely.  Assist in claim denial process and follow up with dental staff as needed.
  • Ensures that patient education is being provided as a standard of care within the limits of standard dental procedure to patients with varying age-related, psychosocial and cultural needs.
  • Oversee and manage dental staff to ensure patient records are current and complete, consistent with clinic policies and procedure.  
  • Assist dental scheduler as needed in accepting payment from patients, enters & posts payment on patient accounts. As needed schedules follow up visits and provides treatment plan information to patients upon completion of dental visits.  
  • Provides financial counseling to patients on patient account balances.
  • Receives, screens and responds to patient phone calls, interacting with patients, families in with appropriate age related- psychosocial interventions and language.
  • Attends trainings and workshops as needed to remain current in the field of dental assisting. Shares and disseminates information from trainings and workshops with dental health team.
  • Conducts outreach as needed to the community including but not limited to schools (i.e. school nurses), colleges, day cares, pre-schools, head starts, early head-starts, etc. to disseminate information regarding the oral health/dental program at Promise.
  • Collaborates with colleagues and interdisciplinary team members at Promise to ensure that dental/oral health is an integrated primary health care service. 


Qualifications, Education and Experience:  Must have the ability to work as a team member, establishing effective relationships with patients and staff. Must be able to work well with low income populations in a respectful manner.





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