Patient-Centered Health Home

Patient-Centered Health
Patient-Centered Health

Promise Community Health Center provides care centered around your specific health needs. Our staff is your partner as you and your family seek wellness in all areas of your health, not only medical. We value your input and commit to being a health home for every patient.


Comprehensive Care

We provide preventive and wellness care, acute care and chronic care. See Our Services for more information. Our staff is committed to providing services for your entire health — physical, emotional, mental, social and environmental.



All patients have their own team of providers that changes based on their unique, individual needs. This team includes providers, nurses, clinical assistants, interpreters, care coordinators and specialists. Your personal care team is your partner and works with you to create a plan of care unique to you.


Coordinated Care

Promise Community Health Center, as your health home, coordinates all of your care with providers outside of our facility, such include specialists, hospitals, home health agencies and community services. Promise  is a central location for all of this information and works to communicate with other providers to provide continuity of care.


Accessible Services

Our staff is continually working to reduce barriers to individuals receiving health care. Examples of ways Promise Community Health Center accomplishes that include same-day and evening appointments, after-hours on-call providers, access to scheduling appointments online, interpretation and translation, and transportation arrangements for patients to and from our center. Promise will continue to identify and remove barriers to increase access to health-care services for the community.


Quality and Safety

We are committed to providing each patient with high-quality, evidence-based care. Through regular review of clinical data, feedback from patients and the community, and quality improvement measures, Promise Community Health Center is continually monitoring the care our staff provides and always makes decisions in the best interest of the patient.