Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

I have insurance. May I still come to Promise? 

Yes! All who are seeking a health-care home are welcome at Promise Community Health Center. 

What is the difference between a community health center and a private clinic?

As a Federally Qualified Health Center, Promise is a consumer-directed organization and must provide care that is affordable, accessible, culturally sensitive and high quality. Promise seeks to achieve health equity in our community by providing highly efficient and cost-effective care. 

What is the sliding-fee scale, and what does it cover?

The sliding-fee scale is a discount program that applies to all health center charges. Eligibility for the sliding fee scale and discount amounts are determined by family size and income. Call 712-722-1700 to see if you qualify. See Sliding Fee Information for more details.

I have to pay a lot of money before my insurance pays for my health care. May I apply for the sliding-fee scale?

Yes, you may. For those who are insured and qualify for the sliding-fee scale, Promise is able to provide discounts on the amount owed after insurance processes the claim. 

What if I have no income at all?

You still may apply for the sliding-fee scale. 


Do you have additional questions?

Promise Community Health Center's outreach team can assist you with any additional questions that you might have and help you navigate the health-care system. Please call Promise at 712-722-1700 to schedule an appointment with one of Promise's community care coordinators or walk in at any time during Promise's open hours. The outreach assistance is free.